martedì 26 ottobre 2010

Top 10 Most Venomous/Poisonous Animals!!! It's Incredibleee!!!!

New updated top 10 rank:
1.Irukandji jellyfish (the most venomous animal, the most venomous invertebrate)
Habitat: Pacific ocean (included AUSTRALIAN coast)
2.Sea Wasp jellyfish
Habitat: Pacific ocean (included AUSTRALIAN coast)
3.Belcher's sea snake (the most venomous snake, the most venomous vertebrate)
Habitat: AUSTRALIAN coast
4.Dart frog (the most poisonous animal, not venomous)
Habitat: South America, the most poisonous species, Golden dart frogs, found only in Colombia
5.Inland Taipan
6.Brazilian wandering spider (the most venomous spider)
Habitat: South America
7.Death stalker scorpion (the most venomous scorpion)
Habitat: Middle Eastern Asia & North Africa
8.Blue Ringed octopus
Habitat: Pacific ocean (Included AUSTRALIAN coast)
9.Stonefish (the most venomous fish)
Habitat: Pacific ocean (included AUSTRALIAN coast)
10.Beaked Sea Snake
Habitat: AUSTRALIAN coast
11.Eastern brown snake
12.Marbled cone snail
Habitat: Pacific ocean, (included AUSTRALIAN coast)
13.Northern tree dwelling funnel web spider
14.Fat-tailed scorpion
Habitat: Middle Eastern Asia and North Africa
15.Sydney funnel web spider

Dart frog is not venomous, but poisonous. The rest animals are venomous. Golden dart frog is the most poisonous animal. Irukandji jellyfish is the most venomous animal.

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  1. Lovly to know a list of the top things in the world that want to KILL ME!

  2. But what are the 10 least venomous animals?

  3. Oh look, a yellow frog! Froggie, come here froggie!
    *lickin' her beautiful yellow skin*

  4. a list of animals i don't want to go near.

  5. Good info, I taught the #1 was the Colombian Frog. Those spiders are really even hard to see, If I'd see one of those in my room, I'd run as fast as possible XD

  6. @Yllsa

    That would be a massive list since many organisms do not have any venom at all.