martedì 26 ottobre 2010

Top 10 Most Deadly Animals!

Warning - Viewer Discretion Advised (blood, gore, animal violence)

List and Information included in list from
Video by Paul Bacera

This list is the same as Top 10 Most Deadly Animals - Listverse List, but some of the errors have been fixed.

This is a list of the 10 most deadly animals found on land and in water. While some may seem innocuous - especially number 1, they lead to millions of deaths every year.

10. Poison Dart Frog
9. Cape Buffalo
8. Polar Bear
7. Elephant
6. Salt Water Crocodile
5. African Lion
4. Great White Shark
3. Box Jellyfish
2. Asian Cobra
1. Mosquito

11 commenti:

  1. I can't fault the list, as it's called Most Deadly Animals, not Most Deadly Animals To Humans, since Polar Bears to humans aren't really all that deadly. Still, a cool list, I wouldn't have known Mosquito's would be that high up.

  2. >~> Box jellyfish....They scare me so badly..I hope to never feel that type of pain.

  3. Awesome list, didn't watch the vid though.

  4. Mosquitoes are more dangerous than cobras? :o Wow, I learned something new today.

  5. snakes... my phobia.

  6. you forgot to put me on that list

  7. you forgot anacondas.
    i just watched anacondas hunt for the blood orchid
    that's the best film ever created.
    it's a masterpiece

  8. But which are the 10 least deadly animals?

  9. I love watching things like this. Good post. I never would have seen polar bears making the list though haha.

  10. I'd like to fight against a lion, I think I'd give a good battle, rooooarrrr!