giovedì 21 ottobre 2010

Panama Toucan!!!

Their bodies are short (of comparable size to a crow's) and compact. The tail is rounded and varies in length, from half the length to the whole length of the body. The neck is short and thick. The wings are small, as they are forest-dwelling birds who only need to travel short distances, and are often of about the same span as the bill-tip-to-tail-tip measurements of the bird.
Toucans are resident breeders and do not migrate. Toucans are usually found in pairs or small flocks. They sometimes fence with their bills and wrestle, which scientists hypothesize they do to establish dominance hierarchies.

11 commenti:

  1. Toucans are so adorable, yet I can't help but expect that one would bite my finger off if I ever got a hand too close.

  2. is the cereal toucan supposed to be the same kind?

  3. The first thing I thought about were Fruit Loops.